The Best Mattress for a Luxurious Night’s Sleep

Would you pay $150,000 for a mattress? If it consistently delivers the elusive luxury of a great night’s sleep, perhaps you’d consider it? For those for whom the sky’s the limit in the pursuit of being well-rested, we here at Dandelion Chandelier have gone deep into the Land of Nod to uncover the best-of-breed luxury mattresses and mattress covers as part of our 5-part series on luxury sleep.

Once you have the luxury bed frame that suits you – and in many cases, it might be an antique bed frame, or a berth on a super yacht or the bedroom of your private jet – you need the best mattress. We’ve already reported on the best luxury beds, many of which are bespoke and handmade. Step 2 in the quest for deep sleep is selecting the right mattress.

There are a plethora of options, and our friends who have upped their expenditures on mattresses tell us that it’s life-changing. In addition, a truly luxurious mattress can become a family heirloom – they’re so durable that you can pass them down to the next generation.

Of course technology has a role to play in this luxury space, as in so many others: there are new products that offer “smart” sleep for you, snore-control for your partner, and all manner of statistics about the quality of your slumber.

So the ultimate choice comes down to how you define luxury: analog? Or digital?

Traditional old-school luxury demands a hand-made bespoke mattress, and there are only a small number of iconic brands in this realm that you need to know to kick it mogul-style:

–Hästens, a Swedish bedding manufacturer founded in 1852, is the “Rolls Royce” of the category – their mattresses come in a distinctive blue-and-white check print and represent the absolute height of traditional luxury. The Vividus mattress is the company’s most expensive: it has 440 pounds of layered cotton, wool, mohair, and horsehair, and each mattress is hand-stitched by one person and their team of assistants. It takes 320 man-hours to complete each one, and the finished mattress sports a customized gold plaque. Many Hästens owners buy multiples so that there is one in each room of their home, and some will even seek out hotels when traveling that use Hästens mattresses on their beds (you’ll find them at the Four Seasons in midtown Manhattan, and at top hotels in London, Tokyo, Beijing, East Hampton and Gstaad). These mattresses last for generations – reportedly, there are some 100-year-old ones still in active use. Hästens prices vary based on size and specifications, and range from about $14,300 – $150,000.

–ViSpring was established in 1901, handcrafting mattresses in England from natural-sourced Scandinavian spruce, hand-opened Moosburger horsetail, hand teased platinum certified Shetland Isle wool, silk, cashmere, alpaca and other high-quality materials. The company’s mattresses contain over 3,000 springs, and the upholstery is hand-woven and hand-tied. Frames are solid wood, and the springs are all hand placed upon construction. Mattresses can be made with different spring tensions on each side (soft, medium, and firm) and are customized based on your size and weight. Prices range from $3,000 – $84,000.

–Savoir Beds is based in London, and got its start making mattresses for The Savoy hotel in 1905 (it added headboards and complete beds to its line in 2001.) Hand-crafted in London and Cardiff, each mattress, box-spring, headboard and topper is bespoke, made by one craftsman for one client, and signed by the person who made it (each craftsman must apprentice for at least a year to make a box spring; two years for mattresses and headboards.) Materials used include long, curled Argentinian horse-tail, cashmere and British lamb’s wool; nested pocket springs conform to the user’s shape, and star-lashed hour glass springs bear the user’s weight. It takes anywhere from 30 to 120 hours to make one mattress, and they range in price from $12,850 (beds that take 30+ hours to make) to $87,350 (120+ hours).

–S. Kluft & Company is the new kid on the block. Founded in 2004 in California, the company’s Palais Royal Vie de Luxe mattress is it top-of-the-line offering. It features ten layers of cashmere, mohair, silk, and wool from New Zealand, two layers of natural horsehair, and thousands of springs wrapped in hand-sewn cotton. It retails at full price at $26,653 for a queen mattress set and $32,652 for a California King.

If the idea of old-school appeals to you but the prices are just too high, here are a couple of hacks to consider:

–One insider tip is to purchase a mattress cover from one of these iconic brands, which will give you some of the luxury at a fraction of the price.

–The Four Seasons and Westin hotels both sell their mattresses, mattress covers and pillows, and friends who have purchased them are very happy with the upgrade in comfort and luxury. The Four Seasons line is crafted by Simmons Bedding, and runs about $3,000 for a king size mattress, box spring and topper.

–While not hand-made or bespoke, Duxiana’s DUX 8008 mattress has nearly four times as many springs as an average bed – and more customization possibilities than many others. It offers three comfort zones, each of which can be customized to be soft, medium or firm, and lumbar support that’s also individually adjustable for each side of the bed. Prices range from $7,590-$14,680.

On the other hand, if your definition of luxury is performance fabrics and “smart” technology embedded in the mattress to provide sleep data, with automatic adjustments to provide optimal sleep conditions, consider these four options:

–Eight Smart, based in New York, sells both tech-enabled mattresses and mattress covers. The “intelligent” sensor cover (which goes on like a fitted sheet) measures the hours slept, the quality of your sleep, your heart rate and temperature and delivers a daily sleep report. The cover can also warm the bed, control two zones at different temperatures, and communicate with your Wi-Fi enabled coffee machine and other smart home devices (so it can open the blinds, dim or brighten the lights, and adjust the room temperature). You control the bed via an app, where you can also set smart alarms. And since it connects to Amazon’s Echo, you can do all of this by voice, as well. The price is $899 for both mattress and cover, and $299 for the cover alone.

–Sleep Smart by Kingsdown, based in North Carolina, features IntelliMax and Body Science technology, allowing for personalized adjustable ergonomic support across three zones on each side of the mattress (the company will capture data and then suggest the optimal settings for each zone). The mattresses are covered in performance fabric that regulates temperature to prevent heat buildup in the night, and they also have settings like Anti-Snore and Zero Gravity. The company is employee-owned and has a foothold in China, with 83 retail stores. The high end of its line is the Diamond Royale collection, which ranges from about $5,000 to $15,000.

–ReST (Responsive Surface Technology) makes smart mattresses with five zones, each corresponding to a body part (head, shoulder, lumbar, hips, and legs). An app controls each zone so that you can make granular adjustments for optimal comfort. Embedded in each mattress is patented fabric that monitors your movements, and sends the data to a pump below the mattress, which then adjusts the mattress’s firmness in real time. The company says its technology is adapted from hospital beds and that its sensor is “medical grade.” You get a report-out on your sleep data each morning. Like the Eight Smart, the ReST mattress can connect with your other smart home devices. Prices range from $2,800 to $5,250.

–The 360 Smart Bed by Sleep Number is a mattress that monitors your movements, breathing and heart rate; it has self-adjusting technology, and monitors you and your partner and automatically adjusts as you change positions. The automatic snore-detection feature is pretty cool: when the bed hears snoring, it adjusts the position of the sleeper to gently lull them into a quieter and healthier sleep; the mattress also has a built-in alarm and a foot warmer. The 360 tracks users’ sleep and reports to Sleep Number’s connected app for personal analysis. That data can integrate with a Fitbit and the whole system can be paired with a Nest thermostat. The price starts at $3,500 for a queen size.

True luxury is having it all without having to choose, and we’re going for it. Having slept on this pressing matter of old-school versus high-tech mattresses, we’ve concluded that the right answer is “all of the above.”

Smart plus “smart” equals brilliant – so our plan is to purchase a crazy-expensive bespoke hand-made mattress, and put a smart mattress cover on it that will tell us how well we’re sleeping. Win-win!

Sweet dreams, here we come.

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