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The Best Winter Luxury Adventures this Holiday

Winter is coming (at least, for most of us). Snow-lovers of the world, our time is finally here! If you are among those of us in the “never summer” tribe, and you haven’t yet made your year-end break plans, or if you’re willing to change them last-minute if a better idea crosses your path, or even if you just want to curl up by the fire and daydream about what the glitterati are up to in snow country, then read on.

We recently surveyed our snow sport aficionado friends with high-altitude incomes, and combed through several luxury travel websites, and we’ve come up with the latest recommendations on cold-weather luxury holiday vacation spots around the world. We’ve categorized them based on the type of vacation you’re after, and who’s coming with you:

  1. Traditional luxury downhill skiing and snowboarding.
  1. Adventure/Backcountry is the fastest-growing segment in winter travel. Here are some new ideas, and some tried-and-true destinations:
  1. Family-friendly. If you have kids or teenagers in tow, a family ski vacation can be one of the best holidays ever – everyone ends the day tired and happy. Just choose the right place:
  1. Cold-weather culinary adventures. If you’re not up for more fondue this winter, here are some cozy and scenic options with excellent restaurants.
  1. Culture + Cold (no beach in sight). If you’re eager for a dose of culture, consider these winter adventures, which don’t require skis or boards:

We don’t know about you, but after all that we’re now totally ready to embrace our inner Elsa. Frozen? Yes, please.

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