Moonlighting: How Tech Makes Life More Luxurious


Everyone has their favorite technology: Amazon’s Echo, Snapchat, HTC’s Vive headset.

Mine remains my smartphone. Specifically, the features on my Apple that save me time and aggravation.

I love the fact that I can use my voice to compose texts and emails – my whole life I have been told I have long slender fingers, but I cannot for the life of me master the Apple keyboard, so actually it turns out that I have fat fingers and there is apparently no cosmetic surgery available to cure this. Talking to my phone and having it actually hear me well and transcribe my thoughts accurately is just so awesome.

I also love being able to unlock my phone with my thumbprint. So simple, so elegant, so amazingly fantastic that I do not have to remember a password! How many passwords do we all have? How on earth are we supposed to remember them all? The IT police at work make us change passwords every three months, we are never to use the same one for multiple purposes, and we are never supposed to write them down.


A friend in tech said that the next new thing will be unlocking your desktop with a retinal scan, voice recognition, or facial recognition. Or a combination of two out of these three, for those who want two-factor authentication.

Bring on the bio-metric log-ins. And hurry! Luxury, to me, is never, ever, ever having to remember a password again. Like, ever.

Last, but certainly not least, I am completely head-over-heels in love with the “do not disturb” function on my phone. I was among the last of the dinosaurs, holding onto my Blackberry until the last dog died, certain that I needed the keyboard, and convinced that nothing was broke with it, so why fix it (I truly believed this). I used to keep it on vibrate, and after a while I got used to the buzzing – it was like a cat purring, it was sort of good to know that it was still alive.

But that darling little crescent moon “do not disturb” icon means I don’t have to hear ANYTHING unless I want to. I don’t miss messages, they’ll be there when I am ready, but nothing disturbs my train of thought, or my dinner conversation, or any other thing.

When I enable it, I always smile and whisper to myself: that’s it for today, world. I’m on the moon.

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